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Published Dec 2, 2011
Dahua DDNS Server
Connect using an Alias

This article will show you how to setup the Dahua Private DDNS Server.
You will then be able to use a custom Alias in PSS to connect to your device.

This is an alternative to DynDns or No-IP, but for PSS only.
If you are looking for your own DDNS service for all software, check MintDNS.
For basic applications just use, or the Dahua cloud service.

Table of Contents

1. Setup the Dahua DDNS Server
2. Setup the Device for Private DDNS
3. Add the new DDNS Device to PSS
4. Check the DDNS Server for connected Devices

1. Setup the Dahua DDNS Server

For this to work properly you need a server always connected to the Internet.
A static IP address or a Domain name will be required.

Download Dahua DDNS Server and extract the files to your server.

When you click on DDNS.exe it will be sent to your system tray.
Click the tray icon to show the DDNS window.

Dahua DDNS Server
Dahua DDNS Server

Click the "Configure" button and change the settings to suit your needs.
The following settings are suggested for a DDNS Server that will always be online.


Exit the configure window and click "Start Service".

You must also add the DDNS Server port to the Windows firewall and port forward in the router.

NOTE - If the port is not open then remote PSS computers will not be able to connect.

2. Setup the Device for Private DDNS

Find the "Network, Advanced" section of your device setup and select "Multi DDNS".
The following screenshot was taken from PSS 4.05 connected over the network to a Dahua DVR.


Next to "Server Type" select "Private DDNS" and check the "Enable" box.
For the Server IP, enter your DDNS Server's IP Address or Domain name.
For the Server Port, enter the port for your DDNS Server (default is 7070).
Enter a new Device Alias - each device will require a different name.

User and Password are not used so you can leave that blank.
Click "Save" and exit the settings.
Reboot the DVR ...

TIP - If you don't have a static IP for your DDNS server or just want to use a domain name instead; purchase a domain name through a domain name registrar, sign up for a free account at, add the name servers to your domain name registrar account, then download one of the FreeDNS update programs at

3. Add the new DDNS Device to PSS

Run PSS and select "Device Manage". Create your device as you normally would, but instead of entering an IP Address or Domain name check the "DDNS Enable" box.

DPI problems - If text extends off the screen change your DPI to 96

Click here for detailed information on adding a new device to the PSS Software.


Enter the IP or Domain name of your new DDNS Server, enter the Server's port number, and enter the Alias you created for the DVR. Click "Save" and "Ok" to exit PSS Device Manager.

You should now be able to connect to your DVR using its DDNS Alias.

NOTE - If you do not have the "DDNS Enable" option in your PSS Device Manager, please edit the PSS_Config.ini file and make DdnsDisable = 0

4. Check the DDNS Server for connected Devices

Your DVR should be listed under connected devices in the Dahua DDNS Server.
You can also allow others to use your DDNS server for their DVRs.



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