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Page Updated
June 13, 2015
Dahua Web Service
Version 2.35.R2 - Sept 12th, 2013

Note, this software is discontinued.
There is no further development or support.

Install Dahua Web Service on your website/desktop
Connect to your device in a browser using TCP ports
HTML, Javascript and CSS are modified for websites
Includes Desktop (DT) and Autologin (AL) versions
Uses ActiveX from 2.600-2.608 firmware

Dahua Web Service


Original Webservice is by Dahua Technology.
Modified Webservice/ActiveX Setup is by
Mootools Javascript is copyright 2006-2007 Valerio Proietti.
Other files included are copyright Dahua Technology.

Terms Of Use

This software can be copied freely, source code can be modified (except Mootools) and used in your projects, but not resold. If redistributed, a link back to this website must be provided. Modified versions must retain all original website addresses, copyrights, and developer comments of copyrights, ownership, etc, and you must not claim you made the original software. All modified distributions must be marked as such. We cannot be held liable for any damage from the download/use of this software. These terms are subject to change without notice.

Dahua Web Service 2.35
Website, Desktop, Autologin
Download (zip) (9MB)

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